Sichuan Daoxiang Culture Development Co.,ltd.

Sichuan Daoxiang Culture Development Co.,ltd.
Sichuan, known as a province with the most richest sense of historic mysticism and humanism in China, locates in inner mainland, and its basin landform well protect the interior nature circumstance and unique civilization far reaching 15th century BC. Therefor people can find many trace of the ancient art and culture reserved as they were thousand of years ago, and experience the original life that quite different from our modern days, for example, the food, the costume, the handicraft, the folk-custom, monority music & performance, architecture, ology, etc.
Our company, Sichuan Daoxiang Culture development Co. , ltd. has been qualified as an outstanding master in the field of Chinese culture express since 1996. With the base in Sichuan province, which is a fairy land in Chinese legendary, the company is addicted in exploit the un-revealed story and even the soul in cultural relic / curio. Our series of product lines includes Sanxingdui artwork, Tibet souvenir, bronze figure of Buddha, Chinese Fengshui compass, Chinese snuff bottle, Kongfu baby, etc. , and each of them reflects the charming Chinese history and culture.
With the rapid growth of Chinese economics, the Chinese culture spread in the world wider and wider, especially the coming host of 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Now we can find Chinese culture influence everywhere, for example KongFu fighting skill and Bruce Lee, Chinese ancient paintings and calligraphy, gold/bronze ancient weapons, amazing ancient decorative and artificial works, Buddhism and Taoist religious symbols, and variety like these. Every item, every works is a single spark flashlight from hundreds of thousands years ago, and embodies the ancient Chinese peoples wisdom. Now when we appreciate these fascinating cultural relic / curio, the story out from ancient years ago outcome before us through the history corridor, no matter whether it is a weapon out from a famous ancient battle field, a painting out from a genius poet, a thought impact out from a Buddha figure, an artificial works out from a famous artificial genre. You see through them, while you are watched by the history.
Daoxiang Company takes the responsibility for Chinese culture development over global market. We cooperate tight with authorized organization and civil chamber in cultural relic / curio business, and keep active presence on every cultural communication meetings held by cultural celebrities. By all those invaluable experience, we got much inspiration on Chinese ancient culture and we are anxious to share them with all people from the world. We do believe that if you appreciate more on Chinese history and culture, you will be more captive on it. Meanwhile, we
communicate with different collaborators from different cultural background, and share each others culture / inspiration. Our business target is to beautify peoples life by different cultural participation.
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